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Because We Love the Earth, the Sky, and All Beings, Including the Wild Ones...

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It is the vision and mission of the BONNEFIRE coalition to expose the reasons for and the contents of Persistent Jet Contrails (PJCs) and to oppose all types of atmospheric and ocean geoengineering programs.

Our mission is to stop PJCs and Geoengineering programs which "dim the sun" and contaminate our Air & Water, which belong to All Beings. We assert our fundamental rights to nourishing, breathable Air and nourishing, drinkable Water.

Further, this coalition intends to succeed, through non-violent actions, in the following manner –

We will bring the issue of PJCs:

  • to the floor of Congress for public debate and resolution
  • into public awareness through the media/press (through conversations and presentations)
  • into the schools, marketplace & homes of America

Once in motion in the US we intend that the Bonnefire Coalition will become a global coalition, spreading our vision and mission worldwide.

While our focus is Persistent Jet Contrails we understand that there are many, related issues, like proposed geoengineering schemes, threatening the safety of our Air & Water. We would like all of these to come into public awareness alongside PJCs.

In pursuit of these goals, we will use NASA’s own term, Persistent Jet Contrails, to ensure that this critical concern will not be marginalized.

In our resolve to do this work non-violently, the Coalition also intends to bring attention to the language of violence, such as replacing "to fight for" with "to work for."

And we will work! Fiercely. Passionately. With Good Fire - the BONNEFIRE Coalition.

In Defense of Beauty and Innocence we initiate this Coalition.

Bonnie Hoag, February 2009


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