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Tree on field

The photograph above was taken in an Oak Woodland in Mendocino County, CA.  It shows the majesty and beauty of a healthy old Oak Tree.  We are saddened by the fact that many of the Oak Trees (with or without Sudden Oak Tree Death Syndrome), are declining and dying at a rapid rate throughout many areas of California and other states.  The news is not good with regard to the health of entire suites of tree and plants communities across the United States.

There are many new threats to our forestland, public parks, and other areas besides tree decline:


  • These threats involve banning people from access to our public lands by the U.S. Forest Service and other agencies;


  • New laws which allow toxic waste dumping in forestlands from mining and other activities;


  •  The number and scope of permits being issued for uranium mining, natural gas fracturing, shale oil deveopment, mineral extraction, and the clearcutting of these lands for profit.


The threats are increasing as the planned sale of public lands and the underming of our Clean Air and Water Acts are being conducted in the halls of congress right now.  These threats to our water supplies, forest lands, and human health through deregulation and stopping the protection of  our enviroment will have profound impacts in the coming years. 

Articles & Other Infomation


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General Information


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Articles, Posters & Other Information


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California Issues


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Aluminum Issues


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Foreign Countries


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Genetically Modified Trees & Forest Ecosystems


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Herbicides, Pesticides, Insecticides


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Clearcutting & Deforestation + Salmon Issues


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Oak Trees


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Miscellaneous Issues


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Tree Pests


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Lack of Photosynthesis & Direct Sunlight Reaching the Earth - Increasing Cloud Cover


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United States


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U.S. Government Agencies & Policies


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Air Pollution & Acid Rain


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Cap & Trade Tree & Forest Offsets


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37Y 2010 NCAR UCAR March 18, 2010 Forest Land Burns May Reduce US Carbon Footprint=Air Pollution Questions.pdf

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37Z 2008 Next Energy News September 18, 2008 Researchers Create Synthetic Tree to Study Organic Heat Transfer.pdf

"U.S. Forest Service - February 20, 2012 - Using Forest & Other Trees in Cap & Trade Carbon Credit Program.  This program allows trees in California and across the United States to be sold on the Stock Market as Pollution Offsets
(credits), so that these polluting corporations can continue to pollute at current or ever-increasing rates.  These tree
credits can be purchased by the public to "offset" their aviation travel and other polluting activities.  The increase in pollution from this "Ponzi-Type Scheme" will result in more pollution that will kill our trees and plants from acid rains and other types of pollution."

UEP Tree Carbon Calculator

Sarah Hines: Forest Carbon for the Private Landowner. Basics of carbon offsets, markets, and trading.

Maria Janowiak: An Introduction to Forest Carbon Management

Climate Change Resource Center: Forest and Grassland Carbon in North America


Growing is Forever

I have a deep affection for the Redwood forests of Northern California. This is my best attempt to capture the reverence I feel when in the presence of these giants.

A film by Jesse Rosten -
Words by Kallie Markle -
Music - "Window" The Album Leaf