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We have provided the following information, documents and research for your information due to the fact that our children's public education system is being sharply undermined through the corporate (for profit) privatization process.  We hope that a free and public education, under public scrutiny and open elections of board members, will be in our future.

Our public education system is under intense pressure to privatize the public schools system throughout the United States from a wide variety of corporate and military interests.

The first process is to take public education funding away from public schools for private charter schools.  Privately run charter school public funding, erodes the money available to public schools, further undermining our public school system.

These private charter schools can be run by corporations, special interests, (now even discussions of military charter or  corporate private schools are being discussed), due to their lack of enough funding.  In the "Private / Public partnerships that are necessary to keep these schools in operation parents no longer have the right to elect the charter school boards, teachers are expected to work harder with less pay and benefits in most cases, and may be fired at any time without cause.  In addition, military and private corporations, who will fund these schools, more and more in the future, will have jurisdiction of the type of curriculum taught, the books used, and almost complete control of our children who are enrolled in these types of schools. 

If the public school system is undermined then a good quality education won't be available to most of our children...only those who can "pay" for premier schools where they will send their children for an education.   

It is now time to re-evaluate the push toward the privitization of our public school system.


The Demise of Cursive Writing being Taught in Schools is underway. What happens when our children can no longer write, read historical documents written in cursive handwriting, and are no longer able to sign their names on legal documents?  Printing or Marking a legal document with an "X" seems to be the new educational requirement in schools across the United States.


109 1 2012 Video Game Change in Washington, D.C. by Obama Administration FEB 1, 2012 USA Today New Game Change CZAR.pdf

109A 2012 Why is the U.S. Congress Redlining Our Schools January 10, 2012 The Nation Article.pdf

109B 2009 Education Cursive Writing is No Longer Required in 44 States MSNBC+AP News September 19, 2009.pdf

109B 2011 Education End of Line for Cursive Handwriting in Schools World News Report January 24, 2011.pdf

109B 2011 Education Schools Debate Cursive Handwriting Instruction Huffington Post March 30, 2011.pdf

Textbooks are now being rewritten by corporations in order to promote or sell their products.  How long before cigarette advertising comes to a textbook used by your child?


109B 2011 Pro Plastic Bags Advertising-School Textbooks Rewritten in CA by Chemistry Council September 2011.pdf

California is Faced with Failing Private Charger Schools and other problems as Public Education Funds are Diverted to Privatized Schools.  Note new California trends in Education Which Appear to be on the Decline.


109C 2010 California Board of Education Seeks to Close Failing Charter Schools SF Chronicle July 30, 2010.pdf

109C 2010 Report to the California Legislature+Governor-Foster Youth Services Program February 15, 2010.pdf

109C 2011 ACC Chemical Group Influenced+Obtained Changes in CA Environmental Text Book-Plastic Bags AUG 19, 2011 CA Watch News.pdf

109C 2011 CA Charter Schools CA DEPT of Education Frequently Asked Questions About Charter Schools Website OCT 6, 2011.pdf

109C 2011 CA Department of Education News Release AUG 11, 2011 CALPADS Finds Statewide Graduation Rate of 74.4 Percent.pdf

109C 2011 California College System in Decline CAL State Sacramento Study July 21, 2011 LATimes News.pdf

109C 2011 California High School Dropout Rate Almost Twenty Percent AUG 12, 2011 New Assessment SF Chronicle.pdf

109C 2011 California Study-Consequences of Neglect-Performance Trends in CA High Education Report July 2011 Complete Study.pdf

109C 2011 Reshaping Public Schools-Funding Cuts-Demographics-Charter Schools Press Democrat August 13, 2011.pdf

California Education Code Now Includes Private Charter Schools - Promoting the Decline of Public Schools.  California Budget 2012-2013 Summary - Education Section Link:


109CC California Education Code Section 17078.52-17078.66 Charter Schools August 8, 2011.pdf

109CC California Education Code Section 41360-41367 Charter Schools August 8, 2011.pdf

109CC California Education Code Section 42238-42251 Charter Schools August 8, 2011.pdf

109CC California Education Code Section 47600-47604.5 Charter Schools August 8, 2011.pdf

109CC California Education Code Section 47605-47608 Charter Schools August 8, 2011.pdf

109CC California Education Code Section 47610-47615 Charter Schools August 8, 2011.pdf

109CC California Education Code Section 47633-47635 Charter Schools August 8, 2011.pdf

109CC California Education Code Section 52055.600-52055.662 Charter Schools August 8, 2011.pdf

The Charter School Movement is NOT Part of a Public Debate but being Driven by Private Interests working to Undermine the Public School System Across the United States.


Why are Bill Gates, formerly of Microsoft, and Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, moving to reform the American Public System by promoting the Privatization of our Public School System?

What are the Problems With Charter and Private Schools?


109D 2011 California Board of Education Seeks Probe of Compton Charter School Campaign DEC 16, 2010 LATimes News.pdf

109D 2004 Charter Schools Remain Subject of Debate August 13, 2004 CNN News.pdf

109D 2006 Ten Problems With Charter Schools BCTF Research Report-Canada July 2006.pdf

109D 2007 Parents Advocating Charter School Accountability PASA Search.pdf

109D 2009 Charter Schools in Florida Perform Significantly Below Public School Peers June 15, 2009 Stanford CREDO Study.pdf

109D 2009 Charter Schools in Georgia Perform Below Public School Peers in Math Stanford CREDO Press Release June 15, 2009.pdf

109D 2009 Charter Schools in Minnesota Perform Significantly Below and Better Than Public School Peers Stanford CREDO Study June 15, 2009.pdf

109D 2009 Charter Schools in Minnesota Perform Significantly Below Public School Peers Stanford CREDO Study June 15, 2009.pdf

109D 2009 Charter Schools in New Mexico Perform Significantly Below Public School Peers Stanford CREDO Study June 15, 2009.pdf

109D 2009 Charter Schools in Ohio Perform Significantly Below Public School Peers Stanford CREDO Study June 15, 2009.pdf

109D 2009 Charter Schools in Texas Perform Significantly Below Public School Peers Stanford CREDO Study June 15, 2009.pdf

109D 2009 Charters Schools Haven for Illegal Immigrants NYTimes January 10, 2009.pdf

109D 2009 Education Obama ADM to Undermine Public Schools - Wants Charter Schools + Tests NYTimes August 17, 2009.pdf

109D 2010 California Charter School Test Case that Did Not Happen February 26, 2010 LATimes.pdf

109D 2010 California Effort to Convert Compton Public School to Charter Schools Draws Fire LATimes DEC 11, 2010.pdf

109D 2010 Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa Backs Charter School Bids June 25, 2010 LATimes.pdf

109D 2010 Why Charter Schools Fail the Test NYTimes May 5, 2010 Public Schools Are The Answer.pdf

109D 2011 California Charter School Choices-Good Food, Free Food-No Food January 1, 2011 LATimes News Vast Differences.pdf

109D 2011 California Charter School Scandals January 18, 2011.pdf

109D 2011 California Faces Moving Target in Implementing Parent Trigger Law NYTimes JAN 17, 2011 NOT A GOOD LAW.pdf

109D 2011 Charter School Embezzlement Case in Santa Rosa CA August 12, 2011 Press Democrat News.pdf

109D 2011 Charter School Fraud Details Emerge in Embezzlement Case Press Democrat AUG 12, 2011 Santa Rosa CA.pdf

109D 2011 Charter School Problems Accountability+Nepotism July 5, 2011 Star Adviser.pdf

109D 2011 Charter Schools-Law on Expansion of Charter Schools Passes U.S. House September 13, 2011 NYTimes.pdf

109D 2011 Education Charter School Battle Shifts to Affluent Suburbs NYTimes July 16, 2011 Not in My Backyard.pdf

109DC California Education Code Section 1240-1281 Charter Schools August 8, 2011.pdf

109DC California Education Code Section 2550-2558.6 Charter Schools August 8, 2011.pdf

109DZ 2011 Charter Schools Wikipedia Website August 8, 2011.pdf

The Public School System is More Efficient and Also better able to give all our children a broad Education...Privatized Schools Limit Enrollment to Special Interests.


109E 2011 Public School Cut Their Energy Bills-When Not in Use Turn Off the Juice AUG 14, 2011 NYTimes.pdf

Charter & Other Private Schools Steal Money from Public Schools which deprive many students of a quality education.  Private schools can limit  or discriminate against some with their enrollment policies based on any criteria.  With Public School Money Depleted by Private School the quality of Education for All Children will be Dramatically Reduced.


109F 2010 Public School Struggle to Educate Severely Disabled NYTimes June 19, 2010 Note Private Schools Exclude this Category.pdf

Public Schools, Charter and Other Private Schools are increasing the use of herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides throughout the United States without notifying the parents of the hazards of exposure to their children in playgrounds and other areas.


109H 2002 Identification of Potential School Site Chemical Contaminants Final Report June 2002.pdf

109H 2005 Acute Illnesses Associated with Pesticide Exposure at Schools JAMA 2005.pdf

109H 2011 Schools Return to Fresh Cooked Meals vs Factory Food in Colorado August 16, 2011 NYTimes.pdf

109H School Poisonings JAMAschoolpoisonings.log

College Student Loans are taking a huge toll on many students who will never be able to repay their loans due to the amount of the loan and the massive interest rates that are charged to them.  Parents and their Children are unaware of these problems.  Also students who graduate may not get a high-paying job which will allow them to repay their loans and also pay for housing, food, and other basics.


109J 2009 Education-Student Loan Sinkhole-Massive Student Loan Debt Problem NOW PBS DEC 25, 2009.pdf

109J 2009 Education-Student Loan Sinkhole-Massive Student Loan Debt Problem Transcript NOW PBS DEC 25, 2009.pdf

109J 2011 Education Student Loan Study-Default Rates NYTimes March 15, 2011 Without Well-Paying Jobs Loan Hardships.pdf

Public Library Funding is being sharply reduced allowing corporations to turn them into profit making entities...reducing the ability of the poor and elderly to obtain books and use these facilities for meetings, Internet use, and children's programs.


109K 2009 Libraries-Downturn Puts New Stresses on Libraries April 2, 2009 NYTimes-Many Having Hours+Days+Services Cut.pdf

109K 2010 Anger as a Private For Profit Corporation Takes Over Public Libraries in Several States NYTimes SEPT 26, 2010 CA+Oregon.pdf

Corporate Money is Flooding Public Schools from Kindergarten through University Levels

Internet School are robbing many of a good education but placing students in debt with large student loans...Profiting from student loans...the new Internet Corporation Education for Profit Heist of the Education System in the United States.

109P 2002 Education-Buying Access-Private Enterprise Inside Public Schools Transcript NOW PBS Bill Moyers October 18, 2002.pdf

109P 2002 Education-Corporate Money Flooding Public Schools Transcript NOW October 18, 2002.pdf

109P 2010 Inexperienced Companies Chase U.S. School Funds-Another Ponzi Scheme August 9, 2010 NYTimes.pdf

109P 2010 Inexperienced Groups Chase Public Money-Charter-Faith-Based Schools-Outside Contractors NYTimes AUG 9, 2010.pdf

Check out Studies on Charter School may be surprised at what you find.


109R 2009 California Charter School Performance in California June 2009 CREDO Study Stanford University.pdf

109R 2009 CREDO Charter School Performance Report June 2009 Stanford University 16 States Final Report.pdf

109R 2009 Stanford CREDO Analysis of Hoxby Challenge Fact vs Fiction October 7, 2009.pdf

109R 2009 Stanford CREDO Charter School vs Public School Research+Reports June 2009 Press Releases Website August 13, 2011.pdf

109R 2009 Stanford CREDO Charter vs Public School Study-Mixed Results Press Release June 15, 2009.pdf

109R 2009 Stanford CREDO Study Charter vs Public School Report Charters Perform Significantly Below Public Schools June 15, 2009 Press Releasepdf.pdf

109R 2010 Public School vs Charter School Stanford Study January 2010 Report.pdf

Teaching to the Test - the New World of Educating Our Children

If your children only learn to pass tests and only learn the information that is placed on those tests...what are they learning?  Limiting the Role of Education to Teaching Students to Pass Tests - Do you want more for your Children?

109S 2010 Standardized Tests NYTimes September 19, 2010 The Debate Goes Forward-Children Learn Less-Questions.pdf

109S 2011 California-Highly Rated Instructors go Beyond Teaching to the Standardized Tests July 11, 2011 LATimes.pdf

GPS & FRID Teaching Your Children to Accept Being Watched All the Time - "Big Brother" is Here and being promoted in our schools.


109T 2010 Privacy+Safety Questions Loom Over Federal Program to Track Preschoolers September 14, 2010 EFFNews.pdf

Colleges & Universities Selling Out for Large Corporate Gifts While Beginning to Eliminate Law School Clinics Which Help the Poor or Challenge Corporations that Pollute


Colleges & Universities Becoming Corporate Hacks & Military Research Facilities for University Funding...Military / Corporate / Industrial & Genetically Modified Universities for Profit

109V 2008 Princeton Settles Monetary Gift Problems December 11, 2008.pdf

109V 2009 War Research Funding Pentagon-University Connection NYTimes October 7, 2009.pdf

109V 2010 First Get Rid of Law School Clinics that Help the Poor by Eliminating Funding NYTimes Editorial April 12, 2010.pdf

109V 2010 Genetech Scientist to Lead Rockefeller University NYTimes SEPT 8, 2010 Independence Undermined by Drug Companies.pdf

109V 2010 University Law Clinics Face Funding Cuts for Challenging Corporation who Pollute NYTimes April 3, 2010.pdf

Teachers, College, and University Professors Losing Independence With Privatization & Corporate Takeovers and Funding


April 2, 2015


Important Conversation with Cornel West and Robert P. George

(Education – Liberal Arts & Other Issues Important For Our Children to Hear Today)

“…Cornel West and Robert George talked about what they’ve learned from each other on some of the more divisive political issues of the day. While on opposite ends of the political spectrum, Professor West and Professor George teach classes together at Princeton University and have a healthy respect for each others' views.   The Culture Wars: A Workable Armistice?” was the season finale in the American Conversations series, hosted by the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies at Grand Valley State University…”


109W 2010 Teachers Union Shuns Senator Obama Aides at Convention NYTimes July 4, 2010 New Orleans-More Sacrifices to Pay War Costs.pdf

The Obama Administration Following Bush Education Policies - The Rush to Standardize & Privatize the Public Education System


109X 2010 President Obama Follows Bush Schools-No Child Left Behind on Steroids NYTimes March 1, 2010.pdf

109X 2011 Obama ADM Urging 50 States-Seek Waivers Exemptions-No Child Left Behind Education Law The Hill News AUG 8, 2011.pdf

109Y 2006 The Death of Bronx Charter School-A Wider Problem NYTimes April 3, 2006.pdf

109Y 2009 Charter Schools Pennsylvania Perform With Wide Variances vs Public School Peers Stanford CREDO Study June 15, 2009.pdf

109Y 2010 Hawaii-Government Go To Extremes to Cut Public Services+Education as Financial Crisis Looms NYTimes August 6, 2010.pdf


Charter School Problems Across the United States


109Y 2011 Charter School Bill Still Has Its Problems March 16, 2011 Raleigh North Carolina-Charlotte Observer News.pdf

109Y 2011 Charter School Ruling in Georgia Could Close Some Charter Schools May 16, 2011 NYTimes.pdf

109Y 2011 Charter Schools in Texas Graphic-Harmony Network Schools NYTimes June 6, 2011.pdf

109Y 2011 Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas TDM Contracting NYTimes June 6, 2011 Entire Article.pdf

109Y 2011 New York City Charter School $125,000 Experiment March 10, 2011 CBS News Report.pdf

109Y 2011 Trenton New Jersey Charter HS is Under State Police Investigation Over Financial Problems May 10, 2011.pdf

This is only the Tip of the Education Iceberg Floating Toward us---More Research Will be Added Each Month...


If you would like more Information on Contra Costa County, California Schools Click on the Link Below: 


C-SPAN2 - March 18, 2013 "...Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor talked about her book, Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court,

in which she presents a history of the High Court and profiles several of its former Justices. She spoke at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue in Washington, D.C..."  Good information on U.S. education system.

60 minutes about schools and education: Lorraine Monroe
60 minutes about schools and education: Lorraine Monroe. Click on photo to start video.

Schools: No child left behind
Schools: No child left behind. Click on photo to start video.

Charter school's $125K experiment
March 13, 2011 5:00 PM CBS News Report & Video
Katie Couric reports on an experimental New York City charter school founded on the idea of hiring the best teachers by paying them $125,000, while denying them tenure.    Read more:;storyMediaBox#ixzz1TGqexQmb

March 13, 2011 5:00 PM  CBS News Report

Randi Weingarten, president of the union the American Federation of Teachers, tells Katie Couric that the debate over tenure must include improved methods of fairly evaluating teachers.  Read more:;storyMediaBox#ixzz1TGuBGf7J


Who are the two key players that are working to undermine the United States Public School System?

Notes:     In the past few years two high stakes players, Bill Gates and Jeb Bush, are driving the change from our current public educational system toward corporate privatization on a huge scale (not on the public radar or in the news for the most part), even though their push to privatize and digitize public education has been excalating in recent years.  And it is working because the real data on the lack of success at most Charter Schools is not being publicized because it is ocurring quietly and out of public scrutiny by a complicit media.


Bill Gates (quietly):

Bill Gates on “Charter Schools and Networks"  (The Privatization of our Public School System)

The Gates Sales Pitch which isn't always factual:

"...Charter schools are publicly funded elementary or secondary schools that are “exempt from significant state or local rules that inhibit the flexible operation and management of public schools,” according to the U.S. Department of Education. Currently, there are more than 4,800 charter schools open across the country, each authorized to operate with a written performance contract that sets clear educational objectives for its students.

High-performing charter schools—and the charter networks that support their growth nationally—play an important role in our college-ready strategy, piloting, accelerating, and expanding innovation in education.  Already, high-performing charter schools and networks have created optimism among educators by demonstrating that all students, from wide-ranging backgrounds, can achieve at high levels with the right support. And given the flexibility charter schools have relative to other public schools, they can pilot and implement projects with speed and fidelity.

Consequently, the most important measure of success for our work with charter schools will be the number of students—especially low-income and minority students—served by high-performing charters and the degree to which successful charter schools influence the broader public educational system.  (Note that the funding for public education will be diverted to private corporations and private schools under this program.)

Goal #1: Increase the number of students served by high-performing charters by:

  • Growing the capacity of charter networks aligned to our core strategy elements;
  • Exploring Program Related Investments (PRIs) and other creative financing opportunities with high-performing charter networks; and
  • Advocating for growth and results at the state and national levels.

Goal #2: Enhance the degree to which successful charter schools influence the broader system by:

  • Building relationships between school districts and charter networks, especially those operating schools in-district;
  • Piloting and expanding the core strategy elements in charters in coordination with district partners; and
  • Incubating innovative new school models and approaches, with charters as early adopters..."


Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida

Home Page:

Jeb Bush is promoting privatized digital learning around the country for our children...Interesting way to place all their learning online with little or no human contact - no public or parental control of what is being taught...the privatization of education is underway...and just who manages online content of our children's education?  

The Bush Sales Pitch:

"...Governors Bush and Wise convened the Digital Learning Council last August (2010) to develop the roadmap to integrate current and future technological innovations into public education. The Digital Learning Council brought together some of the brightest and most respected minds in the United States all focused on working together to shape the principles and policies of digital learning. This diverse group of leaders hailed from education, government, philanthropy, business, technology and think tanks to develop policy actions for local, state and federal lawmakers and policymakers to advance digital learning...."  It looks like a money making scheme to me...get the public education system to fund digital learning...and this private organization to teach our children just what?

"...Over the course of five months, the Digital Learning Council met by virtual interaction more than 40 times and covered a wide range of topics, including: student eligibility for digital learning, access to high quality digital content and instruction, customization and personalization of education such as blended learning, funding models, assessments and accountability..."

"...As a result of the Council’s efforts, the 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning, along with suggested actions for lawmakers, was released at the 2010 Excellence in Action National Summit on Education Reform on December 1 in Washington, D.C..."

The Mantra:  "...Digital learning extends the reach of a great teacher. Technology can bring together students and effective educators – wherever they live or learn.   With technology, teachers can teach a course from any location to students scattered across the country. In states with a shortage of teachers in challenging subjects, such as chemistry and physics, a master educator can teach online while teachers and paraprofessional can support students in the classroom.  Digital learning takes the guesswork out of identifying the specific needs of individual students. Data can be used to pinpoint weaknesses so teachers can focus on the areas where students need help rather than repeat a whole lesson. Targeted support can be rewarding for students and teachers alike..."

Problems in "glitches" and also this group can earn money because of the number of teachers who would have to be instructed on its use...also no longer will credential teachers be required in these classrooms...etc. 

Interesting to know how they plan to undermine the public school system and use our tax dollars to do it…while teaching a corporate agenda to our children while using taxpayer funding to implement these programs.


Watch Cyber Schools Gain Popularity, but Quality Questions Persist on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Online Charter Schools Curriculum

PBS News Hour Report
REPORT    AIR DATE: Feb. 23, 2012

Online Public Schools Gain Popularity, but Quality Questions Persist

Online options in 30 states K-12 & the number of cyber schools is growing.
Taxpayer Money & Where are the funds going?  Who Profits?  What is the curriculum?

Questions:      When kids attend a cyber-school, they attend if they turn the computer on for one minute. If a kid comes to my school and they show up for one minute and go out the door, they're truant. I don't get it.

Questions:       They do have students that attend there. And that's a reasonable education that students strive in that environment. But if a student is not striving in that environment, should we not be notified since it's our tax dollars that are paying the bill?

Questions:    Funding is another controversial issue. Every student who attends cyber-school represents a financial loss to school districts.

Questions:    Since its founding in 2000, P.A. Cyber has collected a total of $45 million in profit.  And the question is, what is P.A. Cyber doing with leftover money?  Cyber Schools are allowed to bill the public schools system...profits are huge and costs low.

Questions:   Cyber Schools take money away from public schools districts...and how do we know that they work?  It is a financial loss to school districts if they use cyber schools?

C-SPAN Video "Public School Alternatives" - August 23, 2012 Debate and Q&A
"...Education professionals talked about alternatives to traditional public schooling, such as online education, vouchers, charter schools, and home schooling. Some of the issues they debated included who gets to decide where a child goes to school and quality evaluation across the various options. They answered questions from the audience..."

C-SPAN2 Video September 4, 2012
Author Jonathan Kozol talked about his book,

Fire in the Ashes: Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America.

Education-Fire in the Ashes September 4, 2012 Book by Jonathan Kozol-School Issues C-SPAN Video.pdf




Moyers & Company
Full Video Interview: Public Schools for Sale?
March 28, 2014

"...Public education is becoming big business as bankers, hedge fund managers and private equity investors are entering what they consider to be an “emerging market.” As Rupert Murdoch put it after purchasing an education technology company, “When it comes to K through 12 education, we see a $500 billion sector in the US alone.”

Education historian Diane Ravitch says the privatization of public education has to stop. As assistant secretary of education under President George H.W. Bush, she was an advocate of school choice and charter schools; under George W. Bush, she supported the No Child Left Behind initiative. But after careful investigation, she changed her mind, and has become, according to Salon, “the nation’s highest profile opponent” of charter-based education.

On this week’s Moyers & Company, she tells Bill Moyers, ”I think what’s at stake is the future of American public education. I believe it is one of the foundation stones of our democracy: So an attack on public education is an attack on democracy.”

Diane Ravitch is America’s preeminent historian of public education. Her newest book is Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools..."

Education-Public Schools for Sale Transcript March 28, 2014+Video Bill Moyers & Co.pdf
Education-Public Schools for Sale March 28, 2014 Bill Moyers&Company Video http___billmoyers.pdf