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News! Let me break in (to my own content!!!) to tell about a couple of recent successes  (summer 2014) in getting the word out about the military programs which are contributing to the "severe weather" we're all coping with. We're all trying to cope with! Please use my letter as a template for your own response each time the media are talking about the climate change crisis.  Make it your own, of course.

Dear Editor:

Thanks to the (newspaper/magazine name) and to (the writer) for his forward-thinking article (July 2014) regarding Vermont’s response to the sometimes disastrous effects of climate change.

Absent from all the studies, reports, discussions and solutions are the ongoing military programs which profoundly affect global weather patterns.

For those of us who thought we had defeated “Star Wars” in the 1980s it’s time to return to the concept of a weaponized atmosphere and catch up on what happened in our time away.

Weather can now be manipulated as a weapon (Owning the Weather 2025 document). Why is this not included in every discussion on climate change?  Geoengineering techniques such as Solar Radiation Management are already employed overhead, globally and daily.   Why is this not listed among our weather woes? And HAARP (the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) proudly reshapes the ionosphere (to increase battlefield advantage), initiates earthquakes and steers hurricanes. Why aren’t we asking about HAARP when we talk about the severity of storms?

My guess is because these are all military programs and the military is sacrosanct, is placed outside all responsibility for planetary calamities.

For anyone who would like to further investigate my assertions, I offer the following short list of documents and patents. These are among the many which have helped shape my concerns.

1987 US Patent 4686605: Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and/or magnetosphere. (This patent heralds the birth of HAARP.)

1977 US Patent 4842196: Method and apparatus for triggering a substantial change in earth characteristics and measuring earth changes.

1991 US Patent 5003186: Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for the reduction of global warming. (This is not the cloud-seeding of days gone by.)

1974 US Patent 3813875: Rocket having barium release system to create ion clouds in the upper atmosphere.

US Congress 2010 House hearings on Geoengineering, including Solar Radiation Management.

UK Parliament 2010 Hearings on Geoengineering, including Global Geoengineering Governance.

These represent only the tip of the (melting) iceberg.  If your readers would like to learn more they may contact me at [your email address or you can send them to me] (subject field: SKY).

I do agree wholeheartedly that we, as individuals and as communities, are responsible for our daily choices but these are of little consequence until public discussion reflects the choices being made for us by the military.  Without this we can have no effective plan for recovery.

Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                [your name]     


My second recent success was by phoning the Listener Comment Line of our regional National Public Radio station after I had heard an interview with scientists regarding the "severe weather" of climate change.  My message was brief and may have been heard by a million listeners.  Pretty exciting.  I simply said I was grateful for the interview and am hoping that such interviews will begin to also address the military programs which  are profoundly affecting the global weather patterns. The programs of concern are 1) weaponized weather;  2) geoengineering techniques such as Solar Radiation Management; and 3) HAARP - the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program which is proud of its capabilities to steer hurricanes, create earthquakes, and generally weaponize the atmosphere. 

Please let me know about your efforts and successes. We can post them here.  THANKS!



Hello. Bonnefire here.  Since 2003,  I have been working with the effects of so-called Lyme Disease, a global pandemic which is undermining the health of hundreds of thousands of people - and animals - worldwide.

Please read my Lyme article, below, and study the details of the US Patent for Pathogenic Mycoplasma, noting that it is an invention derived from HIV/AIDS patients under the auspice of the US Army.  Mycoplasma is turning up in the blood tests of some"Lyme" victims. Other weaponized diseases such as Powassan virus can be present as well.

This complex disease can be a soup of bacteria, viruses and invention. 

The website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does a disservice to all of us by misinforming those who might be hoping to learn accurate information about Lyme. Get your information at the LymeActionNetwork or ILADS sites. And, if you haven't already, be sure to watch the important documentary Under Our Skin which clearly outlines the relationship among the patenting interests, university laboratories, and the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

If, after reading my article, you'd like to brainstorm with me about how to bring this information to your community please email me   subject line: Lyme.

Happy Trails (of the Roy Rogers variety!)



Lyme Disease Update
Since our last newsletter there is further evidence that so-called Lyme Disease is the result of biological warfare and more specifically entomological warfare: disease transmitted by insects, with the intention of debilitating whole populations, rendering them incapable of responding to an assault, while keeping their infrastructure intact.
Emerging from World War II, entomological warfare was being explored by several key countries as part of their arsenals: Russia, Japan, China, & Germany. At the close of the war, the U.S. imported Nazi scientists to continue their research here. [Project Paperclip.]
Fast-forward to summer 2013 when Powassan Virus turned up along the Hudson River in the blood test of a tick-infected victim. Powassan is one of many potentially weaponized diseases. Others include: Tularemia; Brucellosis; Cryptococcosis; Enchephalitis; Dengue Fever; Rickettsia; Encephalomyelitis (Eastern or Western Equine and Venezuelan Equine); Rift Valley Fever; Rocky Mountain Fever; and others - all of which could be “distributed” by insects as “non-lethal weapons”. [This partial list is from Tomorrow’s Weapons - J.H. Rothschild.]
Since the publication of Rothschild’s book (1964) the list of diseases has burgeoned, although not all of them are known to be weaponized. We now can find Lyme co-infections of Babesiosis, Bartonella, and Erlichiosis. Worldwide, there are thought to be well-over three hundred different strains of Borrelia. A “cousin” of syphilis, it was the first-identified Lyme bacterial infection: Borrelia burgdorferi.
In Dr. Richard Horowitz’s recently published book “Why Can’t I Get Better?” he writes about Mycoplasma fermentans, genitalium and pneumoniae. Although Dr. Horowitz does not refer to the patent, for the purposes of this article it is important to note that pathogenic mycoplasma is a patented invention which may be found in the blood of patients with a Lyme diagnosis. Patent # 5,242,820 was pursued under the auspice of the U.S. Army. It was derived from AIDS patients.
Many people may not know that there was a bold move by the U.S. Military, after WWII, to create two forms of disease - as weapons. One was designed to be fatal: HIV-AIDS. The other, called “non-lethal” would infect “the enemy” with what are called protean symptoms such as are seen in fibro-myalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein-Barr, and the complex disease misnamed “Lyme”. [See The Brucellosis Triangle] The descriptor “protean” refers to Neptune’s son, Proteus, who was a shape-shifter. And so is Lyme, as it is famously “difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat”.
Dr. Horowitz has coined an acronym, MSIDS: Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome which helps define the complexities and sets in place a path toward recovery by treating the various identified disease components one at a time or in combination.
Any one person may have a panoply of viruses, bacteria, and patented inventions, as with pathogenic mycoplasma. In general, our medical community continues to misunderstand and misdiagnose the complexities. Are the medical schools and the Centers for Disease Control (and Prevention) culpable? Why are our physicians are so poorly informed? A friend recently told us about her son who, at 18 months, was diagnosed and treated for Lyme. As he got better her son’s pediatrician said that now he is immune, much as he would be immune to measles after having the disease. This is simply not true. And, as such, could pose health complications for him in the future.
The Questions:
Further, are women being told that if they have had Lyme they may have a child who is born Lyme positive and that the symptoms may emerge over time?
Are people with Lyme/MSIDS donating blood for the Red Cross drives? How many people may have Lyme and yet have not tested positive for antibodies?
How many have not even thought to have themselves tested?
And what of the recent evidence that Lyme can be transmitted sexually?
What safe-guards are in place to stop the spread of so-called Lyme throughout the whole world population?
The fine documentary “Under Our Skin” addresses the incestuous relationship among the pharmaceutical & insurance industries, and university research laboratories, and it unveils the rush to own patents. It also demonstrates how the Infectious Diseases Society of America has tried to control the protocols of treatment and has successfully undermined Lyme-literate physicians. While the argument continues about whether or not Lyme/MSIDS is chronic, some of us have begun to think it may actually be progressive.
Lyme is a pandemic. It is a global crime against humanity which need not have occurred. Those who are responsible for this profound suffering must be exposed and this cruel experiment stopped.
For those who would like a list of known Lyme-literate physicians please email us at
Copyright Bonnefire 2014.
U.S. Patent #5,242,820 
Pathogenic mycoplasma- September 7, 1993


"...The invention relates to a novel pathogenic mycoplasma isolated from patients with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and its use in detecting antibodies in sera of AIDS patients, patients with AIDS-related complex (ARC) or patients dying of diseases and symptoms resembling AIDS diseases. The invention further relates to specific DNA sequences, antibodies against the pathogenic mycoplasma, and their use in detecting DNA or antigens of the pathogenic mycoplasma or other genetically and serologically closely related mycoplasmas in infected tissue of patients with AIDS or ARC or patients dying of symptoms resembling AIDS diseases. The invention still further relates to a variety of different forms of vaccine against mycoplasma infection in humans and/or animals..." 

The article above is based on readings from the following books:
*Germs Gone Wild by Kenneth King;
*Tomorrow’s Weapons - J.H. Rothschild;
*Osler’s Web: Inside the Web of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic - Hilary Johnson;
*Biowarfare and Terrorism - Francis Boyle;
*Clouds of Secrecy: The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas - Leonard Cole;
*Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Plum Island Laboratory - William Carroll;
*The Brucellosis Triangle and The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident - Donald Scott & William Scott;
*Why Can’t I Get Better? - Dr. Richard Horowitz.



What you will find below, is a previous entry to this page which we're keeping in place for the time-being.

SRM = Reduction of Direct Sunlight Reaching the Earth

(Geoengineering = Climate Remediation)

116 1 2011 Geoengineering-Climate Remediation-SRM Handout Page 1.pdf

116 1 2011 Geoengineering-Climate Remediation-SRM Handout Page 2.pdf



Bring our PowerPoint program "Who Owns the Weather?" to your community.                    

Interview us for your community radio/tv/internet programs.

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Biological Warfare                                                                                                                                

It was inevitable that our investigation of Persistent Jet Contrails, Solar Radiation Management and so-called Lyme Disease would lead us to entomological, bacteriological and biological warfare. In his 1964 book Tomorrow's Weapons Brig. Gen. J.H. Rothschild lists the future means of delivering "non-lethal weapons": aerosols, insects and fomites.  Aerosols and insects, you say? 

After dogs and cats and guinea pigs we are next in line as laboratory animals for the military experiments in non-lethal weapons - those which incapacitate without killing, outright.  The "benefits" of non-lethal weapons are, first, the disabling of "enemy" populations and, second, that the remaining population cannot focus successfully on war while attending to its ailing population.  We may ask, and just who is the Enemy

The following is a partial list of  books which are instructive in establishing the history of weaponized insects and bacteria and in recounting the experiments on unsuspecting human populations  (certaily no informed consent, here).  Add to aerosols and insects, the capabilities of HAARP to affect perception and clarity...  and now Dr. Strangelove's laboratory is "as big as all outdoors"!

Tomorrow's Weapons - Nerve gases and germ warfare... the morality of toxic warfare and its implications for peace   Brig. Gen. J.H. Rothschild, USA (ret.)  1964

Germs Gone Wild - How the Unchecked Development of Domestic Biodefense Threatens America   -   Kenneth King  2010

Biowarfare and Terrorism  Francis A Boyle  2005

Clouds of Secrecy - The Army's Germ Warfare Tests over Populated Areas     Leonard A. Cole   1988

Lab 257  Michael Carroll

The Brucellosis Triangle -The Neuro-degenerative/Systemic-degenerative Diseases: where they come from, why they are increasing incidence; why so little is being done   Donald W. Scott and William L.C. Scott  1998

The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident  Donald W. Scott and William L.C. Scott 1996

If you have other titles which will further elucidate this research please let us know at

Connecting the Dots of the Corporate Constellations                                                                   Bonnefire activist Cynthia Pikoulas has researched for us a list of corporations and individuals who are controlling world events.  Please take a look at her good work and if you have "dots" of your own to add please email them to  Meanwhile... thanks, Cindy!

Connecting the Corporate Dots!

Without "kindling" we can't light a BONNEFIRE and signal the world that change is heading our way. Without "kindling" we can't send up our"smoke signals" to raise awareness of the current and proposed schemes.  We - and our non-violent actions -  are the "kindling" which keeps the fire bright, to burn away the suffocating haze and return to us all the warmth and nourishment of our Sun.

Suffice it to say…it is not just Persistent Jet Contrails anymore!

Since the inception of the Bonnefire Coalition, PJCs have morphed into SRM - Solar Radiation Management. The threat of geoengineering techniques is squarely upon us.

We must join together to say NO! to geoengineering techniques such as SRM.

If you’ve been itchin’ to take action… please read, digest and use the materials which follow here:

The article: Geoengineering Technique - Solar Radiation Management


SRM - Solar Radiation Management Poster (PDF-file 35KB)

Background information: Patents and Programs

Contact List: for all U.S. Senators who serve on the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry
Okay, let’s get started!


Geoengineering Techniques & Solar Radiation Management

by Bonnefire

Since October 2008, the media have begun to discuss the possibility of geoengineering techniques which might have to be used to mitigate the ill-effects of global warming/climate change.

While the term “geoengineering” is still being refined, the Council on Foreign Relations defines it as “Any of a variety of strategies, such as injecting light-reflecting particles into the stratosphere, that might be used to modify the Earth’s atmosphere-ocean system in an attempt to slow or reverse global warming.” (from the CFR Unilateral Geoengineering workshop May 5, 2008).

Here, at the outset, I submit that my first remedy to the sickened condition of Earth is simply for our species to wake up from our coma! We are trained and educated away from common sense and personal responsibility. And we are starved for the kind of nourishment which simplicity and generosity might provide. For now, simplicity is gobbled up by excess. Our sense of entitlement shapes our solutions. Without addressing the root causes of our condition how can we hope to discover real remedies? The Bonnefire Coalition imagines a world in which we share Earth’s bounty with all Beings. It’s only common decency. It’s only common sense.

THE BONNEFIRE COALITION was initiated to stop the pluming jet trails, what NASA calls Persistent Jet Contrails. PJCs are those trails - often appearing in grids, Xs and parallel lines - which are witnessed and recorded daily and globally. As PJCs expand they combine to veil the sky and dim the sun. NASA agrees with the Bonnefire Coalition that PJCs are contributing to global warming and reducing direct sunlight. While we have been busy trying to stop the effects of PJCs, another geoengineering acronym has sprouted in the laboratories of the global scientific community: SRM, which is the focus of this article.

SRM - Solar Radiation Management is one of the most disturbingly inventive of the geoengineering techniques currently being discussed. By definition, “SRM and related strategies seek to directly intervene in the climate system, without directly affecting atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.” (from Ken Caldeira’s testimony - Geoengineering: Assessing the Implications of Large-Scale Climate Intervention, before the House Committee on Science and Technology, November 5, 2009). By another definition “SRM aims to offset the warming caused by the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by reducing the amount of solar energy absorbed by the Earth.” (from Lee Lane’s testimony - Researching Solar Radiation Management as a Climate Policy Option before the House Committee on Science and Technology, November 5, 2009).

On November 5, 2009 the U.S. government went public with its SRM geoengineering schemes, as the House of Representatives conducted Hearings before the House Committee on Science and Technology ( The testimonies describe possible future geoengineering techniques to abate global warming. This excursion into a public forum gives us a most rare opportunity to ask our legislators to speak on our behalf, to say firmly to the geoengineers, “No! You may not!”

The congressional hearings discuss several methods for implementing Solar Radiation Management. The one of particular concern to us is administered by military jets, high in the stratosphere, laying down particles of Sulfur Dioxide (Council on Foreign Relations Unilateral Geoengineering May 5, 2008 workshop) which effectively haze the sky and dim the sun. Our research indicates that Sulfur Dioxide is not the only particulate being considered.

“Other candidates include hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and soot.” (Crutzen, 2006) (from Lee Lane’s November 5, 2009 testimony). “A fairly broad range of materials might be used as stratospheric scatterers” (Caldeira and Wood 2008) (from Lee Lane’s November 5, 2009 testimony). “Potential types of particles for injection include sulfur dioxide, aluminum oxide dust or even designer self-levitating aerosols…” (CFR Unilateral Geoengineering May 5, 2008 workshop).

“Cloud Cover Modification,” is another Solar Radiation Management (SRM) technique which uses particulates to reflect sunlight back into space, away from the Earth. For this method of modifying marine stratocumulus clouds “the level of Sulfur Dioxide emissions required to counteract the effects of double CO2 concentrations was estimated at 31,000 tons per day, an amount equivalent at the time to the SO2 [Sulfur Dioxide] emissions from a coal-fired plant for an entire year.” (CFR Unilateral Geoengineering May 5, 2008 workshop). How is this use of SO2 even being considered when we have been working to reduce the effects of SO2 emissions? Out of fairness to the Council on Foreign Relations, they do acknowledge that this method “would have massive environmental impacts in the form of acid rain.” If so, why are we even discussing its use?

In his November 5th testimony, while assessing risks of various geoengineering techniques, Professor Alan Robock, of Rutgers University, states that “with brightening of marine clouds there is…a possible large impact on the oceanic food chain due to less solar energy needed for plankton at the base of the food chain to grow.” Less solar energy [which is] needed for the plankton at the base of the food chain? If common sense prevailed, this SRM technique would be dismissed without consideration.

Further, if “brightened clouds” over the oceans will steal sunlight from fundamental life processes, what losses are incurred when the Aerosol Program hazes the sky?  In a critical breach of common sense some of our scientists seem to have forgotten that we need the sun.

We need direct sunlight for fundamental life processes such as photosynthesis!  Yes, there are creatures who flourish in darkness and without oxygen, but we are not those creatures, nor are countless other sentient beings who share this planet with us. It is astounding, really, that so simple and significant a concept seems to have completely escaped some of the scientific community.

Before continuing with other risks of the proposed Aerosol Program, I want to interject another sun-related solution which was discussed by the Council of Foreign Relations in its May 5, 2008 Unilateral Geoengineering workshop:

Land Cover Modification - A few large continental nations might be able to produce significant changes in planetary albedo [Earth’s ability to reflect incoming light] through massive modifications in land cover. This would entail replacing dark forest cover with much lighter and more reflective cover such as grass lands or steppe.”  “Replacing” is a euphemism for deforestation. Deforestation?  At a time when the planet is said to be suffocating from Carbon Dioxide?  Didn’t we learn as kids that forests are our friends because they breathe in our carbon dioxide and give back to us our oxygen?

Where, in all of this, are the Environmental Impact Statements? Where is the public awareness? Why are we not included in the decision-making process? Where are our legislators who will defend for us the most fundamental life processes which are at stake with these Dr. Strangelove “solutions”?

Returning, for a moment, to Professor Alan Robock’s November 5, 2009 testimony before the House Committee on Science and Technology, and focusing on Solar Radiation Management technology, he lists seventeen risks:

1)         SRM could produce drought in Asia and Africa, threatening the food and water supply for billions of people. [Practical racism aside, the Earth’s atmosphere is a closed system. What goes around, comes around. BH]

2)         It will not halt continued ocean acidification from CO2.

3)         It would deplete ozone.

4)         It would increase dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

5)         With SRM the reduction of direct solar radiation and the increase in diffuse radiation would make the sky less blue and produce much less solar power from systems using focused sunlight. [And would profoundly affect fundamental life processes. BH]

6)         Any system to inject particles or their precursors into the stratosphere at the needed rate would have large local environmental impacts.

7)         If discontinued there would be much more rapid warming, much more rapid than would occur without geoengineering.

8)         If a series of volcanic eruptions produced unwanted cooling, geoengineering could not be stopped rapidly to compensate.

9)         Geoengineering would put permanent pollution above astronomers’ telescopes.

10)      There will be unexpected consequences.

11)      There will be human error with sophisticated technical systems.

12)      Geoengineering would lessen the public will to address climate change with mitigation.

13)      Do humans have the right to control the climate of the entire planet to benefit them, without consideration of all other species?

14)      Potential military use of geoengineering technology raises ethical concerns.

15)      What if some benefit from geoengineering technology while others are harmed?

16)      Who would control geoengineering systems?

17)      The costs of implementing geoengineering would be less than the costs associated with the potential damages of geoengineering.

It is important to add two more problems to Professor Robock’s list:

18)      SRM will affect physical and mental health. The Dimming of the Sun and increasing manmade cloud cover are already associated with a rise in Ricketts and other vitamin-D-deficiency diseases, as well as depression and asthma.

19)      SRM will affect life processes vital to agriculture, forestry and natural resources/systems.


A.   Historical Perspectives on “Fixing the Sky”November 5, 2009 statement (before the US House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology) Dr. James Fleming, Professor and Director of Science, Technology and Society, Colby College

B.   Geoengineering: Assessing the Implications of Large-Scale Climate Intervention November 5, 2009 testimony (before the House Committee on Science and Technology) Ken Caldeira, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Global Ecology, Stanford, California

C.   Geoengineering the Climate: Science, Governance & Uncertainty November 5, 2009 testimony (before the House Committee on Science & Technology) John Shepherd of the National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

D.   Researching Solar Radiation Management as a Climate Policy OptionNovember 5, 2009 statement (before the House Committee on Science and Technology) Lee Lane, Co-director of the American Enterprise Institute Geoengineering Project

E.   Unilateral Geoengineering Council on Foreign Relations May 5, 2008 workshop

To read the November 5, 2009 congressional testimonies on geoengineering please use the following links:

Contact the Bonnefire Coalition at

Learn more about the Bonnefire Coalition and about geoengineering at:



Please familiarize yourself with the lists below in the SRM Poster and learn about the existing U.S. Patents and Programs which are already compromising the Earth's atmosphere.  This background information helps when your elected legislator's ask:  "What is the urgency?"  The information below will help establish how many programs are already in place without public awareness or permission.  The better informed we are, the stronger our case.

Please Click on the Geoengineering Solar Radiation Management Links Below in order to familiarize yourself with risks from these programs.

411 SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT POSTER Bonnefire Coalition 2010.pdf

                 High Altitude Auroral Research Program (HAARP) 

 411 HAARP High Altitude Auroral Research Program Information.pdf



Space Preservation Act of 2001 - Introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on October 2, 2001


1K Space Preservation Act of 2001 Full Text.pdf
1K Space Preservation Act of 2001 Status.pdf
1K Space Preservation Act 2002 Kucinich HR 3616 Department of Defense Changes to 2001 Bill.pdf



411 OWNING THE WEATHER IN 2025 United States Air Force.pdf

 411C Chaff GAO Report 1998 Aluminum Coated Fiberglass Particles.pdf


Weather Modification Programs - Current & Ongoing - U.S. Senate Bill 601


411 U.S. Senate Weather Mitigation Bill S601 Version I - 2010.pdf
411 U.S. Senate Weather Mitigation Bill S601 Version II in 2010.pdf
411 U.S. Senate Bill 601 - Current Status Information May 2010 on Legislative Calendar.pdf


With all that on the link below for our U.S. Senators' contact information.  Thank you for making phone calls to member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry. And feel free to contact the Bonnefire Coalition for more information or to discuss these critical issues and future actions.  Working together we can all make a difference. (Click on the Action Items pdf below for contacts.)

411 Bonnefire Coalition ACTION ITEMS.pdf

There are additional PDF files below on these and other topics including U.S. House Science & Technology Geoengineering Hearings (Three since November 5, 2009-two in 2010), and Global Geoengineering Governance.

PDF documents

Learn More About Man-Made Clouds

411C NASA 1 Satellite Picture Aircraft Contrails 2008 Warm Climate.pdf

411C NASA 2004 Aircraft Exhaust Warm U.S. Climate-Man-Made Clouds.pdf

411C NASA 8 Persistent Jet Contrails Newsletter 2005 Page 8.pdf

411C NASA April 27, 2004 Clouds Caused by Jets Warm U.S. Climate.pdf



PDF documents

Learn More About Man-Made Clouds:

411C NASA 1 Satellite Picture Aircraft Contrails 2008 Warm Climate.pdf

411C NASA 2004 Aircraft Exhaust Warm U.S. Climate-Man-Made Clouds.pdf

411C NASA 8 Persistent Jet Contrails Newsletter 2005 Page 8.pdf

411C NASA April 27, 2004 Clouds Caused by Jets Warm U.S. Climate.pdf

Learn More About Geoengineering Programs

411G Bill Gates Funding Geoengineering Research January 26, 2010 Science Insider News.pdf

411G Bill Gates History of Dabbling in Climate-Altering Schemes January 27, 1020 Popular Science.pdf

411G Copenhagen Geoengineerings Big Break Mother Jones December 14, 2009.pdf

411G Geoengineering Bill Gates Sets His Sites on Controlling the Weather Popular Science July 10, 2009.pdf

411L Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling+Nevada Test June 6-8, 2000.pdf

411N Navy CARE New Scientist Article September 21, 2009 by Courtland + Comments.pdf

411N Navy CARE Reuters SEPT 19, 2009 Ionospheric Experiment-Charged Aerosol Particle Experiment - Atlantic.pdf

411N Navy CARE SF Examiner September 10, 2009 - Experiment Visible in D.C Skies.pdf

411T Geoengineering A Climate Change Mahnattan Project 1998.pdf

411UK Website November 5, 2009 New Inquiry-Regulation of Geoengineering with U.S.pdf

411UK U.S. House of Commons Science March 10, 2010 +Technology Report The Regulation of Geoengineering.pdf

411UK U.S. + UK House of Commons Joint Statement on Geoengineering 2010.pdf

411U GAO March 18, 2010 Preliminary Observations-Geoengineering Science+Federal Efforts+Governance.pdf

411U Geoengineering Open Subject in Obama Administration-Holden April 2009 Guardian UK.pdf

411 1 GAO March 18, 2010 Preliminary Observations-Geoengineering Science+Federal Efforts+Governance.pdf

411 U.S. House Hearing Geoengineering II Feburary 4, 2010 Challenges+Scientific Basis.pdf

411 U.S. House Science+Technology Committee Hearing February 4, 2010 Geoengineering Hearing II.pdf

411 U.S. House Science+Technology Geoengineering Hearing III March 18, 2010.pdf


Links for the following documents will come soon.

407 ETC Group Human Genomics Lastest Publications February 28, 2010.pdf
407 ETC Group News Release June 7, 2007 Mycoplasma Laboratorium Patents-Pandora's Box-Humans.pdf
407 ETC Group Other New Technologies Feburary 28, 2010 Page 2 Latest Publications.pdf
407 ETC Group Other New Technologies Latest Publications February 28, 2010.pdf
407 ETC Group Press Release June 7, 2007 U.S. Patent 20070122826 Mimimal Bacterial Genome Bacterium.pdf
407 ETC Group Press Release May 19, 2006 Alarms on Synthetic Biology-Oversight+Societal Debate.pdf
407 ETC Group Publications February 28, 2010 - Geoengineering+Other Topics.pdf
407 ETC Group Synthetic Biology Latest Publications February 28, 2010.pdf
407 ETC 1 Group Board February 28, 2010.pdf
407 ETC 1 Group History February 25, 2010.pdf
407 ETC Group Background Document May 17, 2006 Synthetic Biology Societal Review Urgent.pdf
407 ETC Group Biological Warfare Latest Publications February 28, 2010.pdf
407 ETC Group Biopiracy February 28, 2010 Latest Publications.pdf
407 ETC Group Communique March-April 2004 Playing God in the Galapagos-Genes.pdf
407 ETC Group Communique November-December 2003 Oligolopies.pdf



411P U.S. Patents Atmospheric Experiments - Geoengineering 2010.pdf

411 Bio-effects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons U.S. Army.pdf



The U.S. Navy Charged Aerosol Particle Experiment - Started on September 19, 2009


411N Navy CARE New Scientist Article September 21, 2009 by Courtland + Comments.pdf

411N Navy CARE Reuters SEPT 19, 2009 Ionospheric Experiment-Charged Aerosol Particle Experiment - Atlantic.pdf

411N Navy CARE SF Examiner September 10, 2009 - Experiment Visible in D.C Skies.pdf