In Memory of My Friend JEH – July 2009

A Music Celebration of His Life


"It is the joy of music that inspires, lifts our spirits, enriches our world, and brings hope and laughter to our lives."

JEH: time out to listen to musicOccasionally, when the world became "too much", my dear friend JEH would, from time to time, include this cute image in his emails.  He always took time out to enjoy life and play music on his organ for his friends, family, and the enjoyment of others.  He brought musical joy to many people around the world and in his hometown.  He cared about the Earth...


He is deeply missed by his friends and family...


Bring a musical "SMILE" to someone you care about with this musical celebration of his life.

Jim Harris - When you wish upon a star

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Enjoy the music...and his special videos which he created to go along with his music.