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Although  Bonnefire's concern about the effects of geoengineering and - in particular - Solar Radiation Management continue to demand her attention, it is out of necessity that Lyme Disease now shares her focus!


Please go to our Kindling and Actions tab to read her article which discusses Lyme as biological warfare - and... more precisely... as entomological warfare with insects as the delivery system.



Bonnefire Coaltion logoThe Bonnefire Coalition is like-minded individuals who are working together to bring attention to critical Earth issues which have far-reaching consequences for life on Earth as we know it.

Education is the first step to taking clear and concise action.  And we encourage new and prospective members to contact us and learn more about our goals.  We are available to speak with you via e-mails.  And we hope that you will contact us in the near future.  Working together on critical issues can help abate some of the loneliness for us long-distance runners.

Thank you for your willingness to forward this information to others who are interested in education and taking action today or in the future. We are now taking action and engaging and educating the media and our elected officials on these critical issues:


                                PERSISTENT JET CONTRAILS & MAN-MADE CLOUDS

                                                                                      BIOLOGICAL WARFARE

Joining the Bonnefire Coalition will bring you in contact with others who are dedicated and working toward educating others about the hazards of these current and proposed schemes that have led to increasing environmental and health problems.

The public has been cut out of any debate in the last twenty-five years on ocean and atmospheric testing programs.  Congressional, State, and local governments have not required that public notification, oversight or other mechanisms be put in place to protect the Earth, human health, and Earth's life forms from uncontrolled experimentation by our military, government agencies, private corporations, private individuals, universities, states, counties, and cities.

Thus, our skies today are no longer clear, deep blue in color.  Man-made clouds are now in the lexicon of NASA, NOAA, and the U.S. Air Force glossaries.   The toxic chemicals raining down into our soils, water supplies, oceans, and watersheds are growing with each dusting from atmospheric or ocean experiments.  Our military uses agents banned by the Geneva Convention in their warfare testing programs along with tons of aluminum coated fiberglass particulates (CHAFF).

Joining the Bonnefire Coalition gives you access to learning more about these critical issues and working with others who are taking action today. We want our deep, clear blue skies back, an end to geoengineering schemes, and to save our pollinators who provide the flowers and foods that give us the spices of life.

If we are to stay strong with this challenging work, we need to cultivate our Courage and our Sense of Humor - our saving grace!

And, speaking of humor, you might enjoy Bonnefire's weekly podcast Landslide  at www.goingbeyondradio.com.

Thank you,

Bonnefire, New York State